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Our Vision

Sisjö makes every day more delicious



We are true food developers who love creating new concepts and bringing out the best flavors in cooking. Creativity and passion are a common thread throughout the company.


We live for our customers and products, and together we are building a sustainable food group with lots of flavor. More passion means more taste for everyone.


Snittar med Örneborgs skagenröra och färsk rom på ett fat som står på ett stenbord
Stensåkars kantarellkorv och färska kantareller på ett stenbord



Nothing happens by chance. We are experts in developing companies and products that are good, safe, sustainable and profitable. We contribute knowledge and new insights that drive development forward, for us and our customers. We take responsibility and deliver at all times. This is a prerequisite for building professional and honest relationships.

Our values

We are a good part of the Swedish retail, catering and restaurant industry. Every day, tens of thousands of Swedes eat our products. This means a great responsibility. We must deliver products that are liked, taste good, are safe and sustainable, and are bought again and again over time. Our group is based on shared values and can be summarized in our values. They concern us as a company, our employees, partners, suppliers, customers and end users. They are the proof and a reminder that we should live and work as who we are and want to be.

Text saying: Sinne för smak

Is your company our next?

We are looking for more strong companies for our portfolio. Do you want to become our partner or sell to someone who enhances the company in the best way?

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