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Company with organic growth in focus

Our companies consist of strong companies active in the food industry.

Our way of refining companies

Sisjö Intressenter is a group with 5 strong brands and companies in the portfolio. We are a closely supportive partner with active ownership that always strives for sustainable growth both in terms of the environment and our employees. We are always open to collaborations and are happy to start discussing how we can help you either take the next step for growth or manage what has been built over a longer period.


Örneborgs Delikatesser AB



Lars Haglund

In our modern food factory in Gothenburg, we manufacture our products. We produce everything from classic mayonnaise-based salads, dressings, sauces, vegan products, and horseradish products. Our facility is certified according to BRC standards. We are also certified for the handling and production of MSC, ASC, EU organic, and KRAV-labeled products. We are a proud supplier to several of Scandinavia's largest food companies and food wholesalers.


Stensåkra Charkuteri AB



Evelina Starck

Stensåkra is a Småland-based charcuterie with its heart in Vetlanda. There, our name has been synonymous with sausages since 1945, and we still manufacture all our products here. We make our sausages the way we like them, with genuine flavor and a lot of love. That's usually how they turn out the best.


Majonnäsfabriken Skåne-Finkost AB



Martin Bernhardsson

Majonnäsfabriken Skåne-Finkost is a qualified and knowledgeable food producer with two manufacturing facilities: the Skåne-Finkost Partille mayonnaise factory and the Skåne-Finkost Varberg facility. We offer a wide range of products within the categories in which we operate. Our Partille facility is BRC certified and certified for handling and production of EU-organic products. The facilities produce mayonnaise, dressings, stocks, sauces, and grind and manufacture mustard from scratch. The products are delivered in packaging ranging from larger containers to buckets, jars, bottles, and smaller bags. Our customers are primarily food industries, food wholesalers, and grocery retailers.


Vinsta Texas Food Company AB



Site manager
Erik Bramme

Vinsta Texas Food Company manufactures food products as a producer for customers within the food service industry and our own brands, Texas Longhorn and Spoons. With our vision: For the food lover in restaurants and at home, we offer exciting and delicious products. We have a modern production facility with ample capacity in Vinsta, western Stockholm.


Räkor & Lax i Göteborg AB




Räkor & Lax i Göteborg AB is a company in Gothenburg that sells mayonnaise-based salads, primarily to grocery retailers. The company was founded in 1988 by Lennart Fransson.


Is your company our next?

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Comments from the Group

"Our vision is to be an innovative sustainable company where new flavors and collaborations are created. We do this through customer focus, speed, environment & sustainability, quality and commitment."

Lars Haglund

CEO, Örneborgs Delikatesser AB


Is your company our next?

We are looking for more strong companies for our portfolio. Do you want to become our partner or sell to someone who refines the company in the best way?

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